August 22/2013

1) Added ZERO-G LAVATORY (#1) Fall 1994, edited by Scott Patri, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, British Columbia.

2) Added NOVOID (#2) 1986, edited by Colin Hinz, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Saskatchewan.

3) Added British Columbia SF Conventions (A to Z) under SF Conventions, British Columbia, (A to Z).

4) Added A.E. van Vogt Awards, A.E. van Vogt 2012 Winner, & A.E. van Vogt Awards rules, under Awards, Awards (Canadian).

5) Added ( P ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering PANDORE to THE PURPLE ANNEX, ( Q ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering QUEEBSHOT to QUETZALCOATL, ( R ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering RED SHIFT to ROTHNIUM, under SF Zines, Fanzines (A-Z).

6) Added ( H ) Fanspeak Terms covering HEKTOGRAPHY to HEKTOZINE,   ( I ) Fanspeak terms covering INTERLINEATIONS to ISA, ( J ) Fanspeak Terms covering JUSTIFICATION, under Fan History, Fanspeak.

7) Added ( H ) Fan Legends & Lore covering HEKTOGRAPHER’S HANDS to THE HIBITED MEN, ( I ) Fan Legends & Lore covering IAOPUMUMSFTPUSA to “IT’S A PROUD AND LONELY THING TO BE A FAN,” ( J ) Fan Legends & Lore covering JOE FANN to JULES VERNE PRIZE CLUB, under Fan History, Fan Legends & Lore.

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