August 21/2013

1) Added OTTAWA SF STATEMENT (#412) August 2013, edited by GRANT DUFF, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Ontario Zines, OSF Statement.

2) Added ( N ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering NEOGENESIS to NUCLEAR BUNNIES, under SF Zines, Fanzines (A-Z).

3) Added ( O ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering ODDS ‘N ENDS to OTUS, under SF Zines, Fanzines (A-Z).

4) Added ( E ) Fanspeak Terms covering EDITOR to ESPERANTO, under Fan History, Fanspeak, E.

5) Added ( F ) Fanspeak Terms covering FANADIAN to FOUT!, under Fan History, Fanspeak, F.

6) Added ( G ) Fanspeak Terms covering GESTAFAX to GESTETNER, under Fan History, Fanspeak, G.

7) Added ( E ) Fan Legends & Lore covering EGO to EPHLESS EL, under Fan History, Fan Legends & Lore E.

8) Added ( F ) Fan Legends & Lore covering FAN DRINKS to FUTURE FANTASY FRENCH, under Fan History, Fan Legends & Lore F.

9) Added ( G ) Fan Legends & Lore covering GANGLION OF FOUR to THE GREAT SPIDER, under Fan History, Fan Legends & Lore G.

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