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— Apparently existed circa 1983 in Fredericton New Brunswick. Published the newsletter STAROVER. (GS)

Still active circa 1995, with Clubzine FAST-FORWARD. Possibly General Interest SF combined with Star Trek fandom since the club is also known as USS Hawking. (LP)

Still active 1997: “On Sept 19th the Fredericton Science Fiction Society will be hosting another movie night in the theatre at McLagan Hall on the University of New Brunswick Campus…Sept is the start of a new operating year for the FSFS. General meeting will take place in room 203 at the Student Union Building on the U.N.B. Campus…The FSFS annual Christmas party will be held… room 104 of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in Fredericton..” (BD)

Aha! Apparently a thriving, long-lived University SF club. Probably still functioning.