I am informed by Debra Yeung, 2012 CUFF Winner and 2013 Administrator, that not one nominee received a sufficient number of  letters of support to be accepted as a nominee for an election. Therefore, no election. No CUFF winner in 2013.

As A former CUFF winner (1997), I explored the possibilities of jump-starting a renewed campaign with Debra, and she with other interested parties, but in the end it was decided there is insufficient time available to do a proper job.

Instead, efforts and attention will focus on laying the groundwork for next year’s elections, raising additional CUFF funds, and debating (hopefully with positive results) how to make CUFF more relevant to current Canadian fandom and less of a relic from the past.

This may or may not involve considerable reform as to how CUFF is run and managed, perhaps the creation of a standing committee for instance, and so on.

Stay tuned.

Cheers!  R. Graeme Cameron (July 9 / 2013)