ELRON AWARDS 1971 — 1979

VCON 1 ELRONS (1971)

Presented by Mike Bailey

 1) – Special award for the Elron Hall of Fame: Lin Carter.

 2) – Least Promising New Author: Robert Moore Williams.

 3) – Worst Melodramatic Presentation: Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

 4) – Worst Novel: I Will Fear No Evil, by Robert A. Heinlein.


VCON 2 ELRONS (1972) – No Elrons Awarded.


VCON 3 ELRONS (1974)

Presented by David George

1) – Least Promising New Author: Jerry Pournelle, with a Bronze Lentil for “semi-literate fetishism” to John Norman (1) .

2) – Worst Novel: Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

3) – Worst Television Production: The Starlost.

4) – Worst SF Film: Chariots of the Gods.

5) – Elron Hall of Fame: Roger Elwood.


VCON 4 ELRONS (1975)

Presented by Brent McLean

1) – Least Promising New Author: Jerry Pournelle.

2) – Most Appalling Dramatization: CBS Series: Planet of the Apes.

3) – Elron Hall of Shame: John Norman (2), for his new genre, “Bondage Sword and Sorcery.”

4) – Worst Novel of 1974: Population Doomsday, by Don Pendleton.


VCON 5 ELRONS (1976)

Presented by David George

1) – Worst SF TV Show: Space 1999.

2) – Excessive Fiction in the Pursuit of Science: Apollo-Soyuz Link-up.

3) – For the Perpetuation of Terrible Short Stories Which Were Written at Meetings And Which were Subsequently Published in the BCSFA Newsletter: The B.C. Science Fiction Association.

4) – For Assault on the English Language With Strange and Perverted Overusage of the Comma and Semi-colon: Marauders of Gor, by John Norman (3).

5) – Elron Hall of Fame: Roger Elwood.


VCON 6 ELRONS (1978)

Presented by Ed Beauregard

1) – Most Rapacious Author: Stanislaw Lem.

2) – Conspiracy Behind Every Plot Award: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

3) – Elron Hall of Shame: John Norman (4), for self-plagiarism.

4) – Latent Degeneracy Realized Award: BCSFA, accepted by Hen Flanders.

5) – Bombcon Award: Prunecon.

6) – Where No Rip-Off Has Gone Before Award: The Star Wars Concert.


VCON 7 ELRONS (1979)

Presented by Ed Beauregard.

1) – Best “Sci-Fi” Novel: Deathbeast, by David Gerrold.

2) – Least Promising New Author: Glen Larsen.

3) – Special Dahlgren Award for Unflushable turgidity: Charles Fort, whose four books comprise the world’s longest run-on sentence.

4) – Rip-off of the Year Award: Galaxy Magazine’s payroll department.

5) – The Ponderosa in Space Award: Battlestar Galactica.

6) – The Roger Elwood Inspiration Award for Promoting, editing, Promoting, Publishing, Promoting and Censoring: The ABC Program Division, for making Battlestar Galactica a war show without any killing.

7) – Straw Rats Award for Mindlessly Derivitive Inanity, Combined with Purple Prose by Someone Who Ought to Know Better, and Second Rate Illustrations by Someone Who Plainly Doesn’t: Empire, by Samuel R. Delaney.

8) – One Hundred Monkeys in a Room Full of Typewriters Award: Battlestar Galactica.

9) – Most Original Plot of an SF TV Episode: The Lost Warrior episode of Battlestar Galactica.

10) – Go Away Little Sheba Award for Most Alarming Threat to the Future Bliss and Prosperity of the SF Medium: Roger Elwood for threatening to make a comeback as an SF Editor.

11) – Judge Roy Bean Award for Pettiest Threat to Resort to Legal Action When No Such was Called For: Nova, the PBS series, for forcing the projected magazine of that name to change to Omni.