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Fout no! The Graeme is NOT responsible for all the lunatic squabbling, political infighting, vicious vendettas, printed flame wars, macabre misunderstandings, mistakes, errors, controversial statements, debatable declarations, failed figures, false facts, and any and all other proofs of Fandom’s Slannish superiority to mundania contained within the pages of the zines, monographs, documents or anything else uploaded to this site.

This site is dedicated to allowing the contemporary literature of Canadian SF Fandom and any later documentation concerning same to be readily accessible to fannish historians and any other interested parties, with the intention of acquainting modern Canadian SF fans with their incredible fannish heritage in the hope that renewed enthusiasm for the past will spark a fenaissance of SF fanzine publishing.

The Graeme is responsible only for the content of the articles he has written.

All other articles (and anything else not written by the Graeme) are the responsibility of the fen who wrote them.