VCON 2 (1972)

1972 – (Feb 18-19) – VCON 2:   ( Actually just called 2nd annual Vancouver Science Fiction Convention ).

Guest of Honour: PHILIP K. DICK. Toast Master: MIKE HORVAT.

Venue: Biltmore Hotel, Vancouver.

Attending: “Fewer than 100”.

CONCOM: Co-Chairmen – Mike Bailey & Daniel Say; Treasurer – Mike Bailey; Operations – Mike Bailey; Films – Ed Hutchings; Guest Liaison – Mike Bailey. ( Elron Awards not presented. )

Sponsored: jointly by the Simon Fraser University Science Fiction Society ( SF3 ), & the University of B.C. Science Fiction Society ( UBC SFFEN ). At this point BCSFA was dormant, but would revive in 1973. Two days of single track programming in the hotel ballroom. Probably display room and hospitality suite also, but unknown to me.

FRIDAY (Feb 18/72 – Vcon 2) began at 5:00 pm with:

–     a “CASH BAR PARTY – 75¢ a drink”,

–     a MASQUERADE CONTEST won by Bill & Bubbles Broxon as mad scientist & victim,

–     and a series of probably 16mm films including H.G. Wells’ THINGS TO COME.

SATURDAY (Feb 19/72 – Vcon 2) started:

–          with a talk by Prof. Mason Harris on H.G. WELLS’ TIME MACHINE: THE FOURTH DIMENSION A S PROPHECY,

–          followed by a THINGS TO COME film panel moderated by John Wilson, with Mason Harris, John Park, Susan Walsh & Ed Hutchings.

–          Then a lunch break, with more films being shown.

–          Next, a talk on BELYAEV: THE RUSSIAN JULES VERNE by Murray Shoolbraid,

–          and a panel on SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES with Marian Vaughn, Melez Massey, David Etter, Marilyn Wool & Jack Schofield.

–          Philip K. Dick then delivered the KEYNOTE SPEECH ‘THE HUMAN AND THE ANDROID: A CONTRAST BETWEEN THE AUTHENTIC PERSON AND REFLEX MACHINE’ in which he suggested that scientists, instead of studying machines to gain insight into human behaviour, should study humans to gain insight into machine behaviour.

There was to be a banquet but it was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. No Elrons awarded due to criticism of the previous year’s awards as mean-spirited and frivolous. After the dinner break Mike Bailey gave a talk on FORGOTTEN HEROES OF SWORD & SORCERY, ending with a cash bar party that closed at midnight ( in essence a Dead Dog Party, but not named as such ).