June 8th, 2015 post:

I have not done anything anywhere re the Faned Awards for quite some time. Buried under other, more recent and more demanding projects.

However, in the near future I will list the results of the 2014 awards.

And in a month or two the ballot for the 2015 Faned Awards. Also by then I hope to get out another issue of The Fanactical Fanactivist “pushing” the awards.

You see, everything I do is in the fannish “soonest” tradition. But it is also a hallowed tradition to revive projects months, even years, after they slowed to a halt. Nothing ever truly “dies” in fandom. Anti-entropy the lot of us.

Stay tuned.

July 30th, 2014 post:

Sometime during the month of August I will put out another issue of THE FANACTICAL FANACTIVIST which will list all the Zine, Editor, Artist and Writer nominees for the 2014 FANEDS (or Canadian Fanzine Fanac awards).

At the same time I will post the list here. Either way, if you are a Canadian fan you will be able to send me your votes in the different categories to me by email.

Stay tuned!


August 28th, 2013 post.


Below you see a Ballot. Copy it, paste it into an email to be sent to me at rgraeme[at], mark 3 or fewer choices for each category, and hit ‘send.’

Or, even easier, send an email to me at the above address, I’ll email you a copy embedded in the body of the email. All you have to do is hit ‘reply’, fill it out, and then hit ‘send.’ Couldn’t be simpler.

Only Canadians can vote. You must be familiar with at least some of the zines and contributors listed. You can fill in three or fewer choices in each category. You don’t have to vote in every category, but every vote counts!


(Which is plenty of time. It takes only seconds to fill out the form and send it off to me. Please do!

2013 FANED AWARDS BALLOT (for achievements in 2012)



[ Note: Taral not eligible since won last year. ]

(    ) – Keith Braithwaite – ( Impulse, Warp )

(    ) – R. Graeme Cameron – ( Space Cadet, etc. )

(    ) – Charles Mohapel – ( Ottawa SF Statement )

(    ) – Cathy Palmer –Lister – (Warp )

(    ) – Lester Rainsford – (Swill )

(    ) – Dale Speirs – ( Opuntia )

(    ) – Garth Spencer – (One Swell Foop )

(    ) – Ken Tapping – ( Ottawa SF Statement )

(    ) – Felicity Walker – ( BCSFAzine )

(    ) – Neil Williams – ( Swill )


[ Note: Scott Patri not eligible since won last year. ]

(    ) – R. Graeme Cameron – ( Beloved Binema ) I’m worst actually…

(    ) – Marquies Boies – ( Warp )

(    ) – Bernard Reischl – ( Warp )

(    ) – Taral Wayne – ( Space Cadet, etc. )


[ Note: Michael John Bertrand not eligible since won last year. ]

(    ) – Lloyd Penney – ( Everything )

(    ) – Taral Wayne – ( Assorted )


[ Note: Swill not eligible since won last year. ]

(    ) – BCSFAzine – ( Ed: Felicity Walker )

(    ) – Broken Toys – ( Ed: Taral Wayne )

(    ) – Detritous – ( Ed: Rodney Leighton )

(    ) – One Swell Foop – ( Ed: Garth Spencer )

(    ) – Opuntia – ( Ed: Dale Speirs )

(    ) – Ottawa SF Statement  — ( Ed: Grant Duff )

(    ) – Space Cadet – ( Ed: R. Graeme Cameron )

(    ) – Warp – ( Ed: Cathy Palmer-Lister )


August 6 / 2013 post:

As usual, changed my mind. I’ve done up The Fanactical Fanactivist #11 in which I publish a preliminary list of nominees for the 2013 Faned Awards.

Canadian fen please examine the list, and if there is anybody missing who should be included, please write me at < rgraeme[at] > or make a comment here so that I can update the lists.

In a week or so I will publish a revised and updated listing of nominees. I will then ask people to select their five favourite nominees in each category.

A week or two after that I will publish the ‘shortlist’ of the most ‘popular’ nominees and ask people to vote for three candidates in order of preference (first, second, third) in each category.

Winners will be announced at VCON 38 in October.

If no one votes, I will withdraw my name from any and all categories and declare winners by fiat. I’m hoping people will vote.


Older post:

Just a quick note before I plug in detailed info within the next couple of days.

The ‘Faneds’, or Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards will be presented at VCON 38 Oct 4-6, 2013. That’s only a couple of months away.

The 2011 awards were declared by fiat (there being no time to consult fen).

The 2012 awards were determined by peer suggestions.

The 2013 awards will edge closer to democracy in that any Canadian fan can submit to me at < rgraeme[at] > one or more nominations in each category.

If more than one nomination (up to 3 allowed) please submit in terms of first choice, second choice, etc.

In each category whoever gets the most nominations wins.

The categories open for nomination submissions are:

1) Best Canadian Fanzine.

2) Best Canadian Fan Writer.

3) Best Canadian Fan Artist.

4) Best Canadian Letter of Comment Writer.

The nomination submission phase will close midnight September 15th, 2013.

Soon I will provide detailed descriptions of each category (Note that Best Canadian Fan Artist is open to all fan artists past and present) and preliminary lists of potential nominee choices. Want to make these lists (covering fanac in 2012) as comprehensive as possible.

Needless to say, you must have read the fanzines which are the basis of your nominations.

More info soon.