JUNE 6/2015

Thanks to the good will and technical expertise of Jean Weber the site has made a successful transition to a new server. As soon as I do a bit of exploring I’ll get the site back to being regularly updated again.

Cheers!  R. Graeme Cameron

One thought on “JUNE 6/2015

  1. Re Macabre: edited by Jack Doherty and Don Hutchison 1948.
    My dad was Jack Doherty. He died April 30th 2016. Just after his death I reached out to his old friend Don Hutchison and we have since become friends. I have a couple great photos of the two of them taken around they time they created Macabre. I also have an unbelievable amount of art work belonging to my father. He became quite an incredible artist as time went on. Though he did not end up drawing professionally he drew almost every day of his life until his recent death at age 87. Catherine Doherty

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