VCON 10 (1982)

1982 – (May 21-23) – VCON 10:

Guest of Honour: BEN BOVA. Toast Master: MICHAEL WALSH. Fan Guest of Honour: ROBERT RUNTE.

Venue: Kings Motor Inn, Vancouver.

Attending: 450.

CONCOM: Co-Chairs (Two-Seater Sofa ) – Stuart Cooper & Jim Welch; Secretary – Marg Galbraith-Hamilton; Publications – Barbara Przeklasa; Registrars – Gay Maddin & Jerry Gallant; Hospitality Bar – Vaughn Fraser & Kay Briggs; Operations – Neil Williams; Treasurer – Bruce Waddell; Dealers – Steve Wodz; Technical Support – Alan R. Betz; Art Show – Tim Bolton & Marg Galbraith-Hamilton; Films – Grandee Englehart; Programming – Con Hiebner, fran Skene, Jim Welch, Neil Williams, & Steve Wodz; Bacchanal – Joanne Burrows; Trivia Quiz – Stuart Cooper; Publicity – Jim Welch; Head Go Fer – Tom Waddell; Elron Awards – David George.

Sponsored by BCSFA, the British Columbia Science Fiction Association. Three days of double-track programming with separate rooms for films, art show combined with dealers, & hospitality con-suite. No gaming room this year.

FIRST VCON to feature a short film contest ( about which I have no info whatsoever ).

FRIDAY (May 21/82 – Vcon 10) included:

–          THAT CRAZY BUCK ROGERS STUFF slideshow by Jim Welch on the history of Space Opera;

–          the NEOFAN panel with Steve Fahnestalk;

–          THE PRO-SPACE MOVEMENT panel with Ben Bova, Allan Hildebrandt, Ken Lomas & Steve Wodz;

–          HISTORY OF SF TV video documentary by Al Betz;

–          TRIVIA QUIZ;

–          & a TOUR OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM slide show by Allan Hildebrandt.

SATURDAY (May 21/82 – Vcon 10) featured:

–          THE PUBBUG STRIKES BACK panel on fanpubbing with Roberte Runte, Neil Williams, Fran Skene & Lari Davidson;

–          LET’S BUILD AN SF TV SHOW panel with Kay Briggs, Warren Oddsson & Jim Welch;

–          HOLLYWOOD’S ATTITUDE TOWARDS SF FILM discussion with Michael Walsh & Ben Bova;

–          CANADIAN FANDOM AND HISTORY panel with Robert Runte & others;

–          CARTOONIST’S WAR with artists Vaughn Fraser, Lari Davidson, William Gibson, Warren Oddsson & Bill Warren moderated by Steve Fahnestalk;

–          THE JOYS OF COSTUMING with Joanne Burrows, Vicki Mitchell & Julie Williams;

–          SPACE EXPLORATION & COLONIZATION slideshow presented by Allan Hildebrandt;

–          PROPAGANDA IN SCIENCE FICTION panel with Neil Williams, Evelyn Beheshti, Steve Wodz & Ed Hutchings;

–          COSMIC TURKEYS look at bad movies with Grandee Englehart, Steve Fahnestalk & Jim Welch;

–          KEYNOTE SPEECH by Ben Bova;

–          ADVENTURE GAMING discussion with Marcus Shields, Mike Rea & Bruce Waddell;

–          William Gibson READING,

–          the finals of the TRIVIA QUIZ;

–          an AUCTION by Portland fans;

–          and BACCHANAL with halftime entertainment by ‘Alan’.

SUNDAY (May 21/82 – Vcon 10) had:

–          an ART AUCTION;

–          the CRACKING THE EGG panel on breaking into SF writing with George Gutheridge, Eileen Kernaghan & Dale Hammell;

–          a showing of the FILM CONTEST entries;

–          YESTERDAY’S TODAY panel about old SF predictions with Ed Hutchings, Steve Fahnestalk, Steve Forty & Stuart Cooper;

–          an SFX WORKSHOP;