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— A minor ghod, or rather, devil, revealed circa early 1950s by Joan W. Carr, his prophetess, on the principle there were enough ghods in the fannish pantheon already and that: “You can get to heaven with any old ghod, but you can only go to one devil.” (DE)

[ See CARR, JOAN W. ]


— Formed circa 2000? Toronto based Klingon comedy troop which has performed various times, including opening ceremonies at Toronto Trek 14 (2000) and as KBS comedy/variety show at Toronto Treks 14, 16, & ?

Lou Israel of Toronto writes: “A few years ago, I formed the KKK (Klingon Komedy Korps, of course, what else could those letters possibly stand for?), performing as Captain/Lt./Col. Chancellor Klu’LeS (pronounced Klueless). In the last couple of years, I have discovered a perfect co-star, the very able Ker’Plunk, and his lovely consort Kr’Splat, who have become the comic and harmony geniuses to my writing genius (which is ironic, since most of the comic material is written by another who wishes to remain anonymous).”

“Having performed at several conventions, we can safely say that we are the Klingons NOBODY takes seriously. If you ever get the chance to see our show live (what, as opposed to dead?), do yourself a favour and catch our act. It is a combination of comedy and music, including the news from KBS, the Klingon Broadcasting service, where any and all versions, and characters, of Star Trek are equally savaged. Find out if Bajor gets an NHL franchise. Be the first on your block to hear the brand new Rules of Acquisition! We even have our own top ten list! Not to mention celebrities being assimilated by various Borgs, including Robin of Borg (‘Holy futility, Batman!’). George H. W. Bush (‘Resistance would not be prudent at this juncture’), and Maxwell Smart (‘You will be assimilated. Would you believe it? Assimilated! Would you believe….?’).”

We host the series of Episodes and Movies that Never Quite Made it, including ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before — Story of A Teenage Virgin’, and ‘Star Trek IV: The Long and Winding Road Home’. And of course, our (becoming) well-known Trek parody songs (don’t call me a ‘filker’!) such as ‘Let’s Hear It For McCoy’, ‘Another Boring Day Aboard The Enterprise’, and the hugely popular ‘Walk Like A Ferengi!’ So if you’re in town, come by and see us. You’ll never look at Klingons the same way again!” (LI)


— Short for ‘kaj tiel plu’, the Esperanto (artificial language) equivalent of the Latin ‘etc.’ Very common in the late 1930s and 1940s, mainly because of the influence of Forrest J Ackerman’s drive to get Fandom to switch to Esperanto. Still occasionally employed by faneds in lieu of ‘etc’. I like to use it myself, even though it’s so obscure most readers probably find it annoying. The price of maintaining fannish tradition!