( Y ) — from YOBBER




— A very obscure Ghuist term, evidently an action verb of some kind, possibly punitive in nature. It first appeared in the 3rd mailing of FAPA in 1937 back when John B. Michael and Donald Wollheim (the founders of GhuGhuism 6th August 1935) were the Organizing Editors. Specifically, the term was used in the editorial of one of Michael and Wollheim’s Mijimags included with the mailing (a Mijimag being one of a series of Michael/Wollheim publications ¼ regular page size).

The editorial read in part:

“I, the Mentator Itself, call upon all hoypoloyalists to rise and slice these absolte ones, slice them, writhe and wrothe and then – then – Yobber! Yes, Yobber! This is a time for stern measures.”

“But first yob the leader. Yob the pohlth ikself! The polth that preens and coos. The polth that would durst murmurlate the Mentator myself! Vah! Tho we scorn with frange these attempts, yet we warn lesser zorji that things may get out of hand. So Forward – YOBBER TO THE VERY END!”

The above would appear to be absolutely ridden with GhuGhuist terminology. I’m guessing that ‘pohlth’ may be the GhuGhuist title of Frederik Pohl, who may possibly have attempted to lead a break-away sect? At any rate he seems to have incurred the wrath of High Priest Michael and the Zombie GhuGhu itself, namely Donald Wollheim. A bit hard to grasp after all these decades.

‘Yob’ would appear to be interchangeable with ‘Yobber’. Both terms were popular with fandom for a while, but are long extinct now. (JS) (DE)

Dick Eney reports that Fanartist Jean Young created a cartoon character called the Yobber which appeared as one of the illustrations in the 1959 first edition of his Fancyclopedia II and no doubt elsewhere as well.