ELRON AWARDS 1980 — 1989

VCON 8 ELRONS (1980) – No Awards given.


VCON 9 ELRONS ( 1981)

Presented by David George

1) – Worst Novel: Starship Women, formerly titled Saucer Sluts, by Victor Coman.

2) – Worst Film Presentation: The Black Hole.

3) – Worst Television Production or Series: Cosmos, by Carl Sagan.

4) – Worst Prozine: Time Magazine, for constant referral to “sci-fi”.

5) – Elron Hall of Shame: Michael Dann, for Master Pervert Theatre and Industrial Strength Cherries.

6) – Worst Gor Novel for 1979 and 1980: Fighting Slave of Gor, by John Norman (5).

7) – Photojournalism Award for the Most Worthy Emulation of the National Enquirer: Michael Walsh, for publishing photo of Bubbles Broxon.


VCON 10 ELRONS (1982)

Presented by David George

1) – Worst Film: Superman II for execrable print quality and most unbelievable liberty taken with the original, traditional story.

2) – Worst TV Program: Master Pervert Theatre, Michael Dann.

3) – Worst Gor Novel of 1981: Guardsman of Gor, by John Norman (6).

4) – Worst Fan Publication: Not the BCSFAzine 100.

5) – Worst Fan Writer: Harry Andruschak, for everything written in the last year.

6) – Elron Hall of Shame: Master Pervert Theatre, Michael Dann.

7) – Generic Elron: Grove Press for No Frills Science Fiction.


VCON 11 ELRONS (1983)

Presented by David George

1) – Worst Novel of 1982: Spaceways series, by John Cleeve.

2) – Worst Film: The Dark Crystal.

3) – Worst Gor Novel: A tie: John Norman (7) for Blood Brothers of Gor, and Sharon Green for The Warrior within.

4) – Worst Fan Writing: Ian McKeer, for Neology.

5) – Worst Convention of 1981, 1982 & 1983: Constellation Con, Victoria, B.C. (NOT sponsored by the SF Association of Victoria.)

6) – Worst Hotel of 1981, 1982 & 1983: The Sheraton Villa, Burnaby, B.C., for effectively cancelling VCON 10’s booking by raising prices abruptly.

7) – Elron Hall of Shame: Michael Dann, for his revolting and disgusting manner in accepting Elrons at VCON 10.


VCON 12 ELRONS (1984)  – No Awards given.


VCON 13 ELRONS (1985)

Presented by Michael Walsh

1) – Elron Hall of Shame: The Sony Corporation of Japan, for refusing to forgive and forget, and instead developing the Betamax home video system, thus insuring the worst would always be with us.

2) – Leaping Lizards Award, for Visual Presentations Promoting  Unnecessary Animosity Toward members of the Reptile Race: V-The Final Conflict.

3) – Gor is in the Mind of the Beholder Award: Sharon Green, The Will of the Gods, for setting a bad example for all our daughters.

4) – Least Promising New (to Science Fiction) Author: Father Andrew M. Greely, The Magic Cup, for violating the seal of the confessional, in spirit if not in fact.

5) – Groundstar Conspiracy Award for the Worst Science fiction or Fantasy Film Filmed in this Province: Michael Crichton, Runaway, for promoting the incredible idea that future female cops will work in the field in high heels.

6) – Key-Master is a Hoser Award for the Worst role-Playing Game Based on Material From Another Medium: Company War, Mayfair, for offering proof positive that war games are hell.

7) – Red Dawn at Morning – Reader Take Warning Award, for the Worst Series of Novels Based on the Post-Holocaust Theme: Rider Stacey, Doomsday Warrior, for creating America’s hopeless last hope.

8) – The Five Day Forecast is Sunshine Award for the Worst Publication Tied in to the Release of the Film, Dune: Ed Naha, The Making of Dune, for confirming our suspicion that the film makers had more fun than either the readers of the novel or the people who went to see the movie.

9) – Back to the Drawing Board award, for Ideas and Concepts that are not of Their Time: Vaughn Fraser, The Ether Patrol Radio Show.

10) – A Special Stand-Up-And-Be-Counted Award: The Secret Masters of Fandom, for conceiving, creating and perpetuating the Elron Awards.


VCON 14 ELRONS (1986)

Presented by Ed Beauregard

1) – If There’s One Born Every Minute, Some are Bound to Get Elected Award: Mayor Easingwood of Langley.

2) – Mayor Daley Award for Devotion to Democracy: UBC SF Society.

3) – Least Promising New Author: Janelle Taylor.

4) – You Can’t Become a Child Prodigy by Acting Like a Spoiled Brat Award: Norman Spinrad.

5) – Worst Gor Novel of the Year 1985: John Norman (8).

6) – If this is the Opiate of the Masses, Make Mine Arsenic: John Norman (9).


VCON 15 ELRONS (1987)

Presented by Michael Walsh

Not listed or described anywhere that I can find.


VCON 16 ELRONS (1988) – No Awards given.


VCON 17 ELRONS (1989)

Presented by Ed Beauregard

1) – Worst Gor Film: Gor, John Norman (10).

Other Awards presented unknown.