( K ) from KAPAI ONI to KROME


— Faned: P. Howard Lyons. One-shot (?) perzine.

1956 – (#1 – Feb)


— Faned: Elizabeth A. Ross. Newsletter pubbed by the U.S.S.S. Kestral (member of Star Fleet Western Canada) out of Vancouver (& later Maple Ridge?), B.C., circa early 1980s into the 1990s. (Details to be added)

Sample listing:

1983 – (V2#1 – Dec)“…includes section reports, a word search, COAs, con listings, an article on logical extrapolations from ST episodes… carries the news about the NRC’s Getaway Special, how you can propose experiments on the shuttle program (despite being in Canada).” – (GS)

1984 – (V2#2 – ? )“Typical ST clubzine with an article on 23rd century hair, a word search puzzle, some club news, etc. Boring. Of interest to ST club members only.” (RR)

– (V2#3 – Apr)“The KESTRAL LOG is a simple, straight-forward club newsletter, not badly laid out. There is a good deal of news of interest to non-members, and the half-size format is easy to handle. I find myself wishing that they went in for locs and zine reviews, but maybe that would be unnecessary for their purposes.” (GS)

– (V2#5 – Aug)“In this issue: correspondence courses, a role-playing game, merchandise, and Starfleet groups in Alaska & Alberta are mentioned.” – (GS)


— Faneds: Rosemary Ullyot, Maureen Bourns, & Alicia Austin. Well-illustrated Star Trek zine pubbed out of Ottawa between 1968 & 1970, with much art from Alicia (a college student from Texas studying in Toronto who, after she moved back to the states, won the fan art Hugo in 1971). At least two issues, maybe more.

Of Austin, Taral wrote: …”won her a fan art hugo in 1971 at Noreascon, for work she had mostly done while still technically ‘Canadian’. Although a lab technician, Austin is still an active artist of the professional persuasion….. Stylistically, Austin owes much to Aubrey Beardsley. She works in the same flat, design dominated, orientally ornate style, but unlike Beardsley she prefers attractive fantasy themes to evil faces or phallic sex…. Austin’s art is mannered, but one can still think of such people and costumes as real — the design elements are deliberately backdrops or patterned clothing, the people are not themselves blocks of contrasting detail to be balanced on the page to anywhere the same extent that Beardsley treated them. Insofar as she is different from Beardsley in these respects she is more than a mere imitator.”

1968 – (#1 – Jun)

(#1&1/2 – Sep) – As reviewed by UK fan Peter Roberts in 1968: “The KaT tacked on the end (of HUGIN AND MUNIN #6) is hard to judge. It consists of assorted funnyisms and reviews by various contributors. Some come off and some don’t, but a mere ten pages gives an impression of haste. The front cover is quite unimpressive and the back is a montage of 3 unused cover sketches for Philip K. Dick’s ‘Solar Lottery’ by Jack Gaughn. Fair fanzine artwork, but nothing more. KaT: judgment deferred.”

(probably more issues up to and including 1970.)


— Faned: Mike Daly. A perzine planned to come out of Winnipeg circa early 1980s, but never published. Would have contained art by Winnipeg fan artist Craig Tower. (GS)


— Faned: Eli Cohen. A perzine pubbed first out of New York, then Regina, Saskatchewan, then Vancouver, B.C. (Where Cohen had moved in Feb of 1977), then New York City (to which he moved in Jan 1980). (Details to be added.)

1973/74? – (#1-4 ? )

1974 – (#5 – May) (#6 – Dec)

1975 – (#7 – May)

1976 – (#8 – Apr) (#9 – Aug) (#10 – Dec)

1978 – (#11 – Sep)

1979 – (#12 – Aug) – Writing in THE LULU REVIEW #7, JoAnn McBride rates #12 as “good”, commenting: “I really like Kratophany, but a part of that might be local bias, as at the moment it is the only fannish zine being published in Vancouver.”

“Part of this issue had a distinctly Vancouver flavour, as Eli describes his tribulations in getting his computer over the border, and Susan Wood has a funny piece about meeting her first fairy godmother on the UBC lands.”

“THE PRONOUN-AN ENDANGERED SPECIES is an excellent piece, a discussion of alternatives to the old he/she, and is cuttingly illustrated by Jean Gomoll. This is the best discussion of this problem I’ve seen anywhere, and this is probably due to Eli’s tight editing.”

“Layout and printing are ok but Eli has some excellent art and the heading art is especially nice. Altogether a good zine which I recommend.”

Taral Wayne wrote: “Krat’s arrival in the faanish mailbox is one of the few events left in the fanzine world… Once universal, the pretty Canadian blue paper’s nearly last refuge is KRATAPHONY, where it is still adorned with Freff & Shull & other excellent artists…. Although somehow never having a Best Single Issue, nor being published by a Best Editor, Krat is in my opinion the consistently best current zine. It’s a pity that Eli can’t manage two issues a year so that fandom would keep that in mind.”

1980 – (#12.1 – Mar 1980)   1981 – (#13 – Jul 1981)


— Faned: Crispin Moisiewitsch. Pubbed out of Vancouver, B.C. circa 1987. “A quarterly revue of science, films, architecture, computers, fiction, interviews, music & miscellaneous pop culture. Carried reviews (interviews?) with William Gibson & Bruce Sterling.” -(GS)