Faned: R. Graeme Cameron. Back when BCSFA & WCSFA were one and the same organization, on 19th July, 1997, a motion was presented by Cameron calling for the establishment of “THE BCSFA PRESS, the purpose of which is to publish a series of chapbooks of potential interest to SF fandom, thus fulfilling our mandate to promote sf.” Among the conditions proposed: “… be administered by the current club archivist… none of the publications to be at the club’s expense …. that the printing and mailing costs be borne by the author… that each publication under THE BCSFA PRESS imprint be numbered in sequence…”

The press got off to a good start with several publications, and dozens more planned with titles like ‘A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE ELRONS’, ‘A GUIDE FOR ADMINISTRATORS OF C.U.F.F.’, & ‘FAMOUS CANADIAN FANEDS’. But for a variety of the usual reasons the press was put on hiatus, to be revived when conditions are appropriate.

Here is a list of publications to date:

 1998 – (#1 – Mar)CANFAPA, V1#1WN1 – by R. Graeme Cameron. The Canadian Fanzine APA devoted to: promoting awareness of Canadian SF Fanzines, converting Canadian SF fans into faneds, & preserving Canada’s SF fanzine heritage. 6 pages. [ See CANFAPA ]

 1998 – (#2 – Mar)WIERDS DID IT! THE CHRONICLES OF BCSFA, Volume One: 1968 to 1972 – by R. Graeme Cameron. An account of the early history of BCSFA, including VCONs one and two plus Philip K. Dick’s life in Vancouver. (Note: Old English spelling of ‘weird’, a ‘wierd’ being a race of fates or supramundanes who do odd things.) 30 pages.

 1998 – (#3 – Mar)INDEX TO BCSFAZINE, Volume Three: 1990 to 1997 – by R. Graeme Cameron. 33 pages.

 1998 – (#4 – May)HARRY WARNER, JR. FAN OF LETTERS – by Murray Moore. Reprint. Assorted contributions in praise of HWJ. Originally published in FAPA. 30 pages. [ See HARRY WARNER JR. FAN OF LETTERS ]

 1998 – (#5 – May)CANFAPA, V1#2WN2 – by R. Graeme Cameron. 22 pages.

 1998 – (#6 – Jul)CANFAPA, V1#2WN3 – by R. Graeme Cameron. 32 pages.

 1999 – (#7 – Jan)CANFANDOM, (Name change from CANFAPA),V2#1WN4 – by R. Graeme Cameron. 48 pages. [ See CANFANDOM ]

 1999 – (#8 – Mar) – THE TRUFAN’S ADVISOR, AN INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO FANDOM – by Arnie Katz. Reprint of the 1995 edition pubbed out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

 1999 – (#9 – May)CANFANDOM,V2#2WN5 – by R. Graeme Cameron. 46 pages. (Never distributed)

 2000 – (#10 – ? )TORONTO THE GHOOD – by Taral Wayne. Reprint of a 1988 anthology of fanwriting by fans living in or near Toronto from the 1940s thru to the 1980s. Included articles by: Beak Taylor, P. Howard Lyons, Boyd Raeburn, Peter Gill, Susan Wood, Rosemary Ullyot, Mike Glicksohn, Victoria Vayne, Bob Wilson, Janet Wilson, Phil Paine, Taral Wayne & Bob Webber. 43 pages. [ See TORONTO THE GHOOD ]