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— Faneds: Mike Glicksohn & Susan (Wood) Glicksohn. Mimeographed fanzine pubbed out of Toronto, Ontario. The first 3 issues (co-edited with his wife Susan) were a joint apazine for APA-45, described as Volume One. Then, with just Mike as faned, the numbering started again with Volume Two, XENIUM now being his personal genzine.

Contributing writers for Volume Two included: Andy Offutt, Spider Robinson, Harlan Ellison, George Martin, Steve Leigh, Dave Langford, Skel, Grant Canfield, Bill Rotsler, & others. Contributing artists included: William Rotsler, ATom, George Barr, Randy Bathurst, Derek Carter, Stu Shiffman, Vincent Di Fate, & others. Largest circulation up to 125.

Beginning with the first issue of Volume Two, XENIUM contained a personal memento as “something extra”, be it a stir stick used to mix a Spayed Gerbil (a drink), or a copy of a credit card charge. XENIUM was noted as a literate, wryly humourous genzine, one of the best. (Detail to be added)


1973 – (#1 – Jan) (#2 – Apr) (#3 – Jul)


1973 – (#1 – Aug) (#2 – Dec)

1974 – (#3 – Jun) (#4 – Dec)

1975 – (#5 – Nov)

1976 – (#6 – Jul)

1978 – (#7 – Feb) – Features Joe Haldeman’s introduction to the Gregg Press edition of DOUBLE STAR by Robert Heinlein, and an essay by Ben Zuhl on fannish trends.

– (#8,9&10) – “not published” states Robert Lichtman. This indicates a restructuring of the numbering, such that the issue subsequent to V2#7 was listed as V1#11 instead of V2#8.

– (#11 – Jun)

1979 – (#12 – Dec)

1984 – (#13 – Jul)“Now we know what Mike Glicksohn has been up to in the several years since last issue. (Thus the first ten pages.) Also: ‘The Handy-Dandy, Original, Five-Minute, Cassette-Delivered, Oratory-Free, Get-Out-Of-Standing-In-Front-Of-The-Audience GOH speech’ by Stephen Leigh; George R.R. Martin’s GoH speech from Windycon 83; and the regular (?) non-letter column. With art by Terry Austin, Randy Bathurst, Grant Canfield, derek Carter, Vic Kostrikin, Bill Rotsler, and nameless cover artists. This is good stuff.” – (GS)

1986 – (#14 – Feb)

1990 – (#15 – Jan) – Features Mike’s take on fannish funds, a poem by Joe Haldeman entitled “Owed To A Urologist”, a DITTO review by Christina Lake, and an essay by Elessar Tetramariner on the fannish implications of his arrest and conviction for alleged child pornography (his hobby was photographing nude female fans).


— Faneds: Chris Stroup, Ron Currie & Sheldon A. Wiebe. A Quarterly pubbed out of Calgary, Alberta, by the Con-Version Science Fiction Society, the people who used to put on Con-Version every year. (Detail to be added)

“Issues 4 through 9 were fanzines in the usual sense of the word. With issue 10, or Vol. 10, No. 0, it took on a more media SF flavour to it…The two Wiebe issues were published on saddlestitched newsprint, on a web press.” (LP)

1987Editor: Chris Stroup – (#1 – ? ) (#2 – ? ) (#3 – ? )

1989Editor: Ron Currie – (#4 – Winter)

1990 – (#5 – Spring) (#6 – Summer) (#7 – Fall) (#8 – Winter)

1991 – (#9 – Spring)

1993 – Editor: Sheldon A. Wiebe – (V10#0 – Winter) (V10#1 – Spring)


— Faned: Ken J. Harvey Small-press SF/fantasy magazine pubbed out of St. John’s, Newfoundland, circa early to mid-1980s. Had a circulation of 3,000 and paid $40 to $150 for fiction. Also described as “The Canadian Artzine in Newfoundland”. At least 6 issues, probably many more. (Info wanted!)


— “Revue de la nouvelle” pubbed out of Montréal, Quebec, circa 1987. (GS)