VCON 11 (1983)

1983 – (May 20-22) – VCON 11:

Guest of Honour: FRANK HERBERT. Toast Master: GEORGES GIGUERE. Artist Guest of Honour: WARREN ODDSON. Fan Guest of Honour: ELIZABETH WARREN,

Venue: Richmond Inn, Richmond.

Attending: ?

CONCOMChair ( Chaise Lounge ) – Gay Maddin; Mascot ( Assistant Chair ) – Jerry Gallant; Treasurer – Vaughn Fraser; Registrar – Steve Forty; Hospitality Bar – Tom Waddell & Kay Briggs; Trivia Quiz – Stuart Cooper; Art Show – Chris Bell; Dealers – Tim Boulton & Ken Wong; Films – Grandee Englehart; Publications – Barbara Przeklasa;Technical Support – Alan R. Betz; Bacchanal – Margaret Galbraith-Hamilton; Publicity – Jim Welch & Jo-Anne McBride; Programming – Fran Skene, Gay Maddin, Pat Burrows & David George; Logistics – Ed Kedzierski & Bruce Waddell; Elron Awards – David George.

Sponsored: by BCSFA, the British Columbia Science Fiction Association. Three days of double-track programming with separate rooms for films, art show, dealers, childcare, gaming & hospitality con-suite.

FIRST VCON To feature a Childcare ( Kidcon ) room, & FIRST to program SF Poetry.

FRIDAY included:

–          TRIWAG, GIGER & OTHERS slideshow on graphic art in the 70s by Ed Hutchings;

–          GAMES FEN PLAY panel moderated by Georges Giguere;

–          GRUNGE FANTASY MEETS THE SPACE OPERA panel with F.M. Busby ( mod ) & Mildred Downey Broxon, Stuart Cooper & Jim Welch;

–          SCIENCE FICTION AND THE MEDIA panel with Dianne Thompson, FGoH Liz Warren & others;

–          THE GREAT TRIVIA QUIZ part 1;


SATURDAY featured:

–          THE GREAT TRIVIA QUIZ part 2;

–          NORTHWEST COAST MYTHOLOGY talk by David Vogt of UBC;

–          a READING by Cyn Mason;

–          HORROR AND TIME IN WELLS, DICK & WOLFE talk by Prof. Mason Harris;

–          THE FANDOM PANEL with Georges Giguere, Liz Warren, Mike Finkbiner & others;

–          READING by Eileen Kernaghan;

–          SCIENCE FICTION POETRY with Eileen Kernaghan, J.T. Stewart & Gene Van Troyer;

–          IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET panel with F.M. Busby ( mod ), Frank Herbert, Marilyn Holt, George Gutheridge & Vicki Mitchell;

–          ARE ALL STEVES REALLY SMOFS panel with Steve Fahnestalk ( mod ), Steve Berry, Steve Bieler, Steve Bard & Steve Forty;

–          a READING by William Gibson;

–          DEAD AUTHORS PANEL with Cyn Mason ( mod ), Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly ( Susan Walsh ), H. Beam Piper ( Warren Oddson ), & H.G. Wells ( Mason Harris );

–          THE UNICORNS ARE HUNG OVER THERE art panel with Bill Warren ( mod ), Jon Gustafson & others;

–          READING by Steve Bieler;

–          READING by Mildred Downey Broxon;

–          CARTOONISTS WAR with Bill Warren, Richard Bartrop & others;

–          THINGS SCIENCE FICTION DID NOT PREDICT panel with Jon Gufstafson ( mod ), Cyn Mason, Dale Hammell & Ed Beauregard;


–          a talk ON THE MAKING OF DUNE, THE MOVIE by Frank Herbert;

–          PORNOGRAPHY, TECHNOLOGY & THE LAW slideshow by Michael Walsh;



–          a SHORT STORY WORKSHOP with George Gutheridge, Gene Van Troyer & others;

–          an ART AUCTION,

–          an ARTISTS WORKSHOP;


–          repeat of TRIWAG, GIGER & OTHERS slideshow by Ed Hutchings;

–          another ART AUCTION;

–          a WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE panel on distopias with Frank Herbert, Susan Walsh & others;

–          FILM CONTEST entries showing;

–          SF & FANTASY IN THE CLASSROOM panel with Mason Harris, J.T. Stewart, Gene Van Troyer, Terry Truscott & others,

–          CHILDREN’S SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY panel with Fran Skene ( mod ), George Gutheridge, Jo-Anne McBride, Gael Blackhall, & Susan Walsh;

–          & TRIVIA QUIZ FINALS.