CONTENTS: Cover photo of “The Father of Seti” Frank Drake, and his famous equation, Upcoming Events, Obituary for Doug Engelbart (inventor of the computer mouse) and others for actors Michael Ansara, Jeanne Cooper and Karen Black, a LoC from Lloyd Penney (of course!), and articles on Voyager 1 and Drake’s Equation (formula for figuring how many advanced civilizations there might be in the Galaxy). COMMENTS: This issue strong on science and weak on club activity. The editor writes: “This seems to be another month without even a semi-formal meeting…” and blames the lactivity on it being Summer. He states: “I’m getting astronomy articles referred but otherwise am reduced to trolling the net (and finding a depressing number of orbituaries younger than I am).” On the other hand, he advises members to check the club website and their Meetup site for details re future meetings, so presumably the club will revive once summer is over. Hope so. I wonder how many members the club has? BCSFA is tiny, but a dozen or so members enjoy and look forward to the monthly discussion group held in a member’s condo rec-room. The Ottawa SF Society should try something similar, mayhaps.

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