CONTENTS: Letters of comment (Dave Haren, Lloyd Penney, Michael Bertrand), Calendar, News-Like Matter, ‘Red Planet Blues’ Book Launch Report part 2, Zine reviews. COMMENT: A bare recital of content doesn’t look like much, but (as typically) the calendar is nine pages long detailing recently happened and soon to happen SF&F-related events in the Vancouver Lower mainland area. Everything from a ‘Teen Manga Design Contest’ to special film screenings (Harryhausen films) to Steampunk meetups. Sadly, includes an orbituary for much-beloved local fan Andrew Brechin (he of VCON KidCon fame). The BCSFAzine Calendar is an ongoing record of local SF&F fans in action. News-Like Matter, as always, includes the editor’s account of conversation at the last BCSFA meeting on topics ranging from the 1953 Canadian TV show SPACE COMMAND (with James Doohan  as a Scottish engineer in the engine room of a spaceship!) to the closest living relative of a T-Rex, namely a certain breed of chicken in Austria (as determined by DNA study). The letter column is small, but interactive and lively. Joseph Picard’s report on Robert J. Sawyer’s book launch describes the scene well, with mentions of local fandom, though I do wish he had reported on what Sawyer actually said in response to questions. Still, he observed that Sawyer, in response to small questions gives very BIG answers. Not a reluctant lad, is Rob. Always a fascinating speaker. To sum up, BCSFAzine well reflects the interests and activities of both club members and local fans in general. A nicely balanced clubzine that’s fun to read.

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