August 24/2013

I am hurrying to get as much info as possible loaded on this site before I take a break of a week or more to work on the program book for VCON 38 upcoming October 4-6, 2013.

1) Added ZX (#1) July-August 1993, edited by Andrew C. Murdoch, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, British Columbia, Andrew.

2) Added BROKEN TOYS (#20) August 2013, edited by Taral Wayne, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Ontario, Taral.

3) Added NEW CANADIAN FANDOM (#2-3) Jun-Jul-Aug-Sept 1983, edited by Robert Runté, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Reac, Alberta, Robert.

4) Added THE FROZEN FROG (#8) January 1984, edited by Benoit Girard, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Quebec, Benoit.

5) Added THE MONTHLY MONTHLY (#2) November 1980, edited by Dave Vereschagin, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Alberta, Gang of Four.

6) Added an entry for THE SPECULATIVE FICTION SOCIETY OF MANITOBA under SF Clubs/Orgs ( A to Z ), Manitoba.

7) Added ( T ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering TAL-SHYA to A TRIP REPORT FOUND IN A PLAIN MANILA ENVELOPE, under SF Zines, Fanzines (A-Z).

8) Added ( N ) Fanspeak Terms covering NEOTRIC to NISH,   ( O ) Fanspeak terms covering OBLITERINE, ( P ) Fanspeak Terms covering P.A.R. to PROZINE, ( Q ) Fanspeak Terms covering QUOTE CARDS to QUOTE COVER,  ( R ) Fanspeak terms covering RAYGUN to REPRODUCTION, ( S ) Fanspeak Terms covering SCIENCEERS to STF, under Fan History, Fanspeak, ( A to Z ).

9) Added ( N ) Fan Legends & Lore covering NEWARK NEANDERTHAL to NYDAHL’S DISEASE, ( O ) Fan Legends & Lore covering OBLIQUE HOUSE to OZARK LOVE CAMP, ( P ) Fan Legends & Lore covering PAN-GALACTIC GARGLE BLASTER to THE PROFESSOR,  ( R ) Fan Legends & Lore covering ROOM 770 to ROSCOE, ( S ) Fan Legends & Lore covering THE SENATORS OF FANDOM to STAPLE WAR (FIRST), under Fan History, Fan Legends & Lore, ( A to Z ).

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