CONTENT: Clubzine Ottawa SF Society. News on Landset 8 satellite. List of mostly Ontario upcoming conventions. Three book reviews, including 1972 L. Sprague de Camp’s THE FALLIBLE FIEND. Lloyd Penney loc.  Articles on old astronomy ideas and spaceport in orbit. COMMENT: Most issues put emphasis on astronomy. This is OK with me, as I like astronomy (especially planetary geology) but might not appeal to all fen (it being a curious fact that many fen ignore space doings as being too mundane!). Editor Grant Duff laments the decreasing amount of fanac in the club, especially as it impacts contributions to the zine. A problem with all clubs these days, it seems. From my experience as ‘God-Editor’ of BCSFAzine years ago, the trick is to convince lots of people to write regular columns (a trick I learned from the previous editor Steve Forty). This involves the care and feeding of said individuals with much egoboo, but no editor can afford to take his/her contributors for granted. In fandom, egoboo is the coin of the realm. Encouraging loc writers another good trick (especially if you can actually manage to do it). A loc column, with editorial interjections, can make for a lively debate that sparkles up any zine considerably.




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