First publication in Amazing Stories!


My first article for Amazing Stories Magazine is now posted online!

Titled: “How Not to Edit a Program Book, or: The Adventures of a Twentieth Century Computer Illiterate in the Twenty-First Century’, it blows the lid off the Convention Program Book Industry.

Remember the old ’60 Minutes’ news-magazine TV show? With Dan Rather as the hard-hitting journalist? And Andy Rooney as the curmudgeonly yet friendly essayist expounding on minor yet fascinating aspects of daily life?

I hope to be the ‘Andy Rooney’ of contemporary fandom. After all, he discovered the ultimate secret of journalism: “You don’t have to make sense or get your facts right to be successful, just make people chuckle.”

I will be doing a weekly column for the ‘Fannish Friday’ section of the online Amazing Stories Magazine. Second column already submitted. Third being written. Ideas for twenty more lurking in my brain. Great fun, at least for me. Not sure about my readers…

I think the following link will get you there:

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