September 2/2013

My web site fanac is going to slow for awhile as I deal with VCON deadlines. For instance, I just mailed off all the manuscripts to be critiqued by the 21 participants in the 3 writers workshps at VCON 38.

Nice to note that two of the pros who will be attending the workshops just won awards at LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Convention, in Texas. Dan Wells netted BEST RELATED WORK HUGO for ‘Writing Excuses Season Seven,’ and Mur Lafferty won the JOHN W. CAMPBELL AWARD FOR BEST NEW WRITER. Huzzah!

1) Converted ( D ) — from DABBLERS to DWF MERIT AWARDS in LEGENDS & LORE into a complete Canfancyclopedia listing, under Fan History, Canadian Fancyclopedia.

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