August 26/2013

1) Added SCIENTILLO (#1) Winter 1961, edited by Willy don Rawn & Ron T. Gallant, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, (click on) Manitoba, Misc.

2) Added Quebec Conventions under SF Conventions, SF Conventions province-by-province, Quebec. This completes initial listing of Canadian conventions. Tasks now are to update list with recent cons, locations, specific dates, and info on type, GoH’s, etc.This will be ongoing.

3) Added Purpose of Site (explaining the history of my Canfancyclopedia, giving the intro to its first incarnation, and an intro to this web site, the 2nd incarnation of my Canfancyclopedia.

4) Added comprehensive list of Sources, including articles, monographs, books, and individuals.

5) Added ( V ) section of fanzine bibliography, covering VANATIONS to VULCAN MAIL, under SF Zines, Fanzines (A-Z).

6) Added ( T ) Fan Legends & Lore covering TAPERA to TORONTO INSURGENTS, under Fan History, Fan Legends & Lore T.

7) Added ( T ) Fanspeak covering THISH to TWILTONE, under Fan History, Fanspeak, T.

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