Contents: Editorial, Toronto Storm, Moderm Mysteries Solved, Faneds Song, superb Loc Column, Canada Day musings, on Censored, Enditorial. Comments: In his ‘Emotorial’ Taral reveals the joy of social relations and recognition in his fanac means more than SF as an interest, the problem being that it somehow adds up to not being enough. Every fan’s problem really, unless your sense of accomplishment can compensate… Ah the remarkable inconvenience of a major storm, well described… Why do dishes scoot across the counter by themselves? Taral knows. He can even duplicate the ‘mystery.’ Like most ‘mysteries,’ easily explained once you know the answer… Song explaining the decline of Faneds. Great repro of ‘First Fandom’ badge based on the club badge Gernsback used to give out in the early 30s… The extensive loc column concentrates on politics (depressing), the loc column itself, collecting vs hoarding (Taral makes the point that every zine collector thinks he’s preserving a unique collection of great value to future civilization, to which I add it’s no sillier than many an in-house motivational ‘myth’ employed by corporations) and what’s wrong with the Hugos… ‘Notional Holiday’ involves transit travel and dinner with friends, with much puzzlement over crowded conditions on bus and subway till late in the evening when Taral remembers it is Canada Day. I too, now that I’m retired, often fail to notice holidays, discovering them only when the Skytrain is jam-packed. When you are no longer a wage slave, holidays become a nuisance… There follows a thoughtful review of the issues of CENSORED Taral provided for this site… In his ‘Enditorial’ (written to fill in a blank half page) Taral wonders why “Canadian fans are so literal at naming things? Couldn’t Graeme’s site have been named something like ‘The National Gallery of Mimeo Art?’ …no doubt Graeme would say that nobody would find the site then. He may be right. But maybe nobody is looking for it either…” Not counting my own popping in and out to add or adjust things, I’m averaging over fifty visitors a day. This justifies my utilizing my site address as a meta-tag in and of itself. Online, ‘literal’ is a good thing, a necessary thing.


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