July 12/2013

1) Added links from onsite Zines index page to the various zine pages.

2) Added 1952 Canadian Fan Directory published by CSFA, under Canadian Science Fiction Association.

3) Added VCON 1 ASSORTED DOCUMENTS page with advert poster, invite letter to GoH Ursula K. LeGuin, Sun Newspaper review of VCON 1, and Province Newspaper review by Michael Walsh of VCON 1, under SF Conventions, VCON.

4) Added first two BCSFAzines (#193, 194) edited by R. Graeme Cameron, under SF Clubs/Orgs, BCSFA.

5) Added BCSFAzines (#331-429) 2000-2009 edited by Garth Spencer, under SF Clubs/Orgs, BCSFA.

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