August 12/2013

1) Added SPINTRIAN (#4/5) 1991, edited by Dave Panchyk, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Saskatchewan Zines.

2) Added RETICULUM (#2) 1976, edited by Paul Keery & Tim Parker, under SF Ziines, Zines You Can Read, Ontario.

3) Added MIRIAD (#2) Autumn 1980, edited by Kevin Davies & Tim Parker, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Ontario.

4) Added SIRIUS SCIENCE FICTION (#1-2) 1975, edited by Neil Williams, under SF Zines, Zines You Can Read, Ontario, Neil Williams.


1) Added The Fanactical Fanactivist #11, edited by R. Graeme Cameron, under Awards, CSFA, CSFA Newsletter.

Canadien fen! Please check out the above zine. Within it I list all the potential nominees for the upcoming Faned Awards that I have so far come across in my research.

You may be aware of potential nominees I’ve missed. Please send me your suggestions with appropriate details (Who? What? In which zine? When?) via comment here or via my email < rgraeme[at] >

Note that to be eligible for the 2013 awards the nominee must have been active in 2012. (Activity in 2013 will not count till the 2014 awards.) I am looking for people eligible because of their 2012 fanac.

A revised nominee list will be published in a week or two, and Canadian fen will be asked to select their favourite five choices in each category.

The final list of the most ‘popular’ five candidates in each category will be published shortly thereafter, and Canadian fen will be asked to vote for three candidates in order of preference (First, second, third) in each category.

Winners will be announced at VCON in October.

August 1/2013

Currently my site is not allowing me to upload any new zines. All I get is an ‘error’ message saying ‘try again later.’ Hope this is a temporary glitch.

Ah! The glitch finally went away.

1) Added CENSORED (#3) 1942 edited by Fred Hurter Jr, under SF Zines, Historic.

2) Added GENRE PLAT (#2) Summer 1977 edited by Allyn Cadogan, under SF Zines, British Columbia, both Susan and Allyn.